Summer Bummer Sessions

by Caregiver

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Summer Bummer Sessions is the only way to explain these 3 tracks that we recorded over Summer 2014. As what was originally to be our side to a split release, these songs found themselves in an odd place when that plan became implausible. Due to our parting with Liam Spring and other minor line-up changes we decided it best to release these tracks as an "old songs" collection of sorts. Because Caregiver will move on to create other music with new inspirations, and we hope you all stay tuned for us.

We cannot thank Jason McGhee enough for being patient with us in the creation of these recordings. So seriously dude, when you get around to seeing this, give yourself the biggest pat on the back. And take the warmest mental hug from all the dudes at Caregiver. (Ya know, if you want)

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Tony Vilorio - Lead Vocals
Austin Sullivan - Guitar / Vocals
Liam Spring - Bass
Andrew Massett - Drums

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released October 22, 2014

All songs written and performed by Caregiver
Recorded at the Chin Up House, by Jason McGhee and PRD
Mixed & Mastered by Jason McGhee



all rights reserved


Caregiver Portland, Oregon

We do the thing. If you want us to play a house show or anything, we're on it. Just contact us via email, Facebook, or smoke signal.

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Track Name: Pomeranian
It's been a long year without you
At first sight I always knew I'd need you more
Went home kept warm inside your mother's blanket
Your love for me opened the door

I let you go then let your love go wasted
It drove me mad so I'd get higher
Memories feel I erased them
A cycle repeated before

Another long year without you
Missing the morning bops on my nose

I'd have you here with me
Believe me, I'd like it
But that's hope wasted, bitter fruit forever tasted
Track Name: This Man, This Day, This Job, It Kills
Bite my tongue as my soul keeps burning, losing myself for a fair days earning
Another day, watching minutes pass, feeling seconds ticking away. 4 down, 4 to go, keep repeating "its all in a day".
I've got nerves exposed, despised I'm only finding doors closed
It pays the bills so i guess i'll stay

Today just started, I'm already done
Grinding teeth, till i meet the gums
Doesn't matter if i quit, the bastards always won
I've got nerves exposed, despised i'm only finding doors closed
It pays the bills so i guess i'll stay

From 9 to 5 you're not alive
From 9 to 5 you're dead inside
Doesn't matter if i quit the bastards already won
Track Name: Dead End
If I could remove one thing what would it be?
Truth be told I'd begin with me
'Cause each day as the sun rises brings new surprises
as the pressure rises

When nothing's wrong
And what will be said
When nothing's well
When i find my end
What will be said
He lived as he lay staring up again

The sky above I know longer know
The sky stays clouded no shades of blue
Every time as the stacks go up
Its no surprise I always fail you

It's happened again
Another dead end
As the stacks begin
How much longer can i bend before i find my end

How much longer can i bend?